Congrats on Successful Launch of U9 ERP System2019.01.12

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) is a system and also a systematicmanagement platform for information technology. It can reflect the ideas ofpre-planning and in-process control, and manage R&D, order, procurement,production, cost, inventory, transportation, manufacturing, supply, etc.Effective integration provides enterprises with real-time analysis capabilitiesfor key issues such as product quality and customer satisfaction, and is aneffective model for achieving the overall benefits of manufacturing companies.

From the perspective ofenterprise development, upgrading the ERP management system is the only way todevelopment. The primary problem of improving the management level of enterpriseand strengthening the core competitiveness is to solve the rational use ofexisting resources of the enterprise to maximize and optimize its performanceand efficacy.

After more than three monthsof research and demonstration, the team of the Techen Holding Group decided toupgrade from the original ERP of the single enterprise management to the ERP ofthe group management, that is, from UF. U8-ERP is upgraded to the U9-ERPmulti-organization Internet application platform.

Since June 20, 2018,the IT department of the company has formed a ERP project team of 50 managementpersonnel and 5 senior consultants of Party B to carry out ERP projectupgrades. It lasted for 6 months and directly involved more than 200 people.

yazhouchengDuring the implementation of the project, the finance department, ITdepartment, and business department participated in the three-month day andnight discussion collision, the measurement unit was optimized from 58 to 9units. The material classification in PLM was optimized from 297 to 209classifications, the material file was optimized to 20943 files, and the BOMfile was optimized to 6228 files.

During the implementation ofthe U9-ERP multi-organization Internet application platform, the chairman andthe general manager of each company attached great importance to it, and alldepartments actively cooperated. With the assistance of UF consultants,according to the “overall planning, step-by-step implementation, first easy anddifficult”, the principle of “step-by-step” has passed the preliminaryresearch, blueprint review, data preparation, process development, systemtesting, training examination, simulation operation, personnel training andother stages. The ERP system of the organization of the technology, innovationcontrol and other organizations of the company is in 2019. On January 1st, thecompany successfully went online.

The U9-ERPmulti-organization Internet application platform not only realizes theinformatization of the enterprise, but also enhances the overall image of theenterprise. It also provides an effective management approach for the companyto further realize management and standardization, information sharing andsmooth process.

The smooth launch ofthe U9-ERP multi-organization Internet application platform marks thehorizontal expansion of the “Industrial Internet Innovation Development” andthe leap-forward development in the “Intelligent Manufacturing IntegratedStandardization and New Model Application” practice. The goal of "in-depthinformation" has taken an important step.